Is the 7th year really the decisive year in which one finds out whether the chosen path should be followed or whether new perspectives open up? Does this also apply to the Swiss Skate Tour or is it just a saying from the famous Marylin Monroe movie?

Scientists have found out in their investigations:

“…. that in the 7th year of a partnership, there are actually more problems than in the years before. The fact that more difficulties occur in the 7th year is due to the fact that the initial euphoria that prevailed is being replaced by slowly emerging habits and recurring problems.

In the beginning, you still wear pink glasses through which you can’t see the reality. But as soon as the pinkish red fades, you are confronted with reality. There is dissatisfaction, disinterest and it starts to go through a crisis.

It may also be that the relationship has developed into a strong bond up to the 7th year.

Summarized: In the 7th year of the relationship, there is only a phase of transition in which we find out whether it is worthwhile to continue on the path we have taken together or not.”

Okay, then let’s see what the 7th year of the Swiss Skate Tour brings – whether “itched” or not….

6 stages at the Swiss Skate Tour 2018

Once again we have 6 stages in our program, which offer a suitable category for all inline skaters – whether fun or speed skaters – in an attractive mix of Swiss cities and landscapes.

The emerging habit described above in the 7th year has had a rather positive impact on the Swiss Skate Tour: processes, OKs and team are well-practised and unexpected situations – as they happen again and again – can be mastered with confidence. The different categories worked well and will be retained. KidsOnSkates for the youngest roller fans continues to be an integral part of most stages. Like every year we are looking forward to many participants from abroad.

City Skate Basel will again be organized in cooperation with the Basel Women’s Run and is once again this year a stage of the Baden Württemberg Inline Cup. The skaters start this year in front of the women’s runners. The long distance has been shortened by one lap in order to make it easier for you to start the season. Now it is 32 km instead of 37 km.

We can announce some more new information:

After last year’s Masters European Championships in the Engadine, we are able to host the Masters European Championships this year as part of the Sempachersee Inline Marathon. The beautiful route around Lake Sempach is also popular with our German neighbours and has therefore been included as a stop of the Badenwürttemberg Inline Cup. Welcome to the Swiss Skate Tour!

And the best is yet to come: The Masters Marathon World Championships will be held in the Engadine in 2018. This year’s Masters World Champions will be awarded at an altitude of approx. 1,800 m above sea level.

All European Championship and World Championships Masters categories start in the forefront to the usual long, short and fun distances. We are looking forward to a mixed starter field of speed, fitness and fun skaters at all events.

For all those who want to skate even more and get to know the regions of Switzerland together with like-minded people, there are the additional offers Swiss Inline Weekend and Engadin Inline Marathon PLUS – last year’s insider tip among connoisseurs. These packages are for skaters of all levels and also accompanying persons who are not suitable for skating.

It would be “itchy” only if too few skaters would benefit from these events. For this reason, post, share and bring your friends with you!

PS: We have a few more news in the pipeline which we will inform you about in due course. That’s why we keep up to date with our channels.

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