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On the best asphalt you can easily cross villages, forests, fields and meadows. When the view is clear, the Jura mountains appear on the horizon.

You have the choice between different distances and categories and for the youngest kids there are KidsOnSkates, the course for beginners.

Organisator: Inline Club Mittelland


09:00Opening late registration, start number distribution and village
09:30 - 11:00KidsOnSkates
11:15Start Minis (m/f)2011 and younger750 m
11:25Start Kids (m/f)2007 to 20101.5 km
11:45Start Long Distance (m/f)2004 and older34 km4 Rounds
11:46Start Short Distance (m/f)2004 and older25.5 km3 Rounds
11:47Start Juniors (m/f)2003 to 20068.5 km1 Rounds
11:48Start Enjoy & Fun (m/f)all8.5 - 25.5 km1-3 Rounds
Time slot 50 min
12:45Award Cermony Kids and Minis
13:45Award Cermony Adults
Programme in the skate village
  • skate village on the marcetplace with food an drink
  • village stalls of our sponsors
  • Rent and sale skate products
*short term changes of the program are possible
Yearuntil 26.06.2018until 19.08.2018late registration
Long Distance
(34 km, 4 Rd.)
2004 and older50 CHF60 CHF70 CHF
Short Distance
(25.5 km, 3 Rd.)
2004 and older40 CHF50 CHF60 CHF
Fun & Enjoy
(8.5-25.5 km, 1-3 Rd)
Zeitfenster 50 min
all5 CHF5 CHF10 CHF
(8.5 km, 1 Rd)
2003 to 200615 CHF20 CHF25 CHF
(1.5 km)
2007 to 20105 CHF10 CHF15 CHF
(750 m)
2011 and younger5 CHF5 CHF10 CHF

End of Online Registration is the 19.08.2018. Late Registration until 1 hour before start in the village.

LOng- und Short-Distance

Strecke Mittelland rollt 2017

Online auf GPIES

Minis and Kids

Kids Strecke Mittelland rollt

Anfahrt, Parking und Infrastruktur


Video zur Strecke



The roads along the course are closed for traffic.


Please use the public parking spaces according the plan. Illegally parked cars will be towed away at the owner’s cost!

Food/Drinks/Refreshment points

For safety reasons there are no refreshment stands along the route. In the skate village there are official catering stalls.

Warm Up

Please warm up on skates only at the permitted times (will follow later). Give attention to the traffic because the streets are not completely closed yet.

Start Number / Timekeeping Chip

You have to wear the start number on your right thigh. The timekeeping chip must be fixed on your ankle and returned immediately near the clothing return at the end of the race.

Non returned chips will be invoiced with 70 CHF.


Please pay attention to the indicated dangerous points.  These points are marked with warning flags.

  • Adjust your speed on your skate ability!
  • Skate on the right!
  • Faster skaters overtake on the left side!
  • No sudden brake actions or direction changes (like snakes)!

Along the whole route there are emergency service points, where you can get medical support.

Please sign in a contact person in case of emergency on the reverse side of your start number.


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