After repeated review of the live video material and consultation with referees and skaters, the race management and the organisers of the Engadin Inline Marathon must pronounce a subsequent disqualification of Livio Wenger.

The video material clearly shows that Livio Wenger’s grossly negligent and dangerous manoeuvre seriously endangered another participant. This clearly breaks the rules of the Swiss Skate Tour and leaves a nasty impression on the inline sport. As an experienced athlete and even an Olympic ice speed skater, Livio Wenger should be very familiar with the rules of sport and fairness. We definitely don’t think that such risky manoeuvres are “part of” and “normal” in inline marathons, and future participants of races in Switzerland should also know this. For these reasons there will be a subsequent disqualification. The ranking of the Engadin Inline Marathon will be corrected and Tim Sibiet from Belgium is the official winner of the Engadin Inline Marathon 2018.

Excerpt from the regulations of the Swiss Skate Tour

The most important rule of the Swiss Skate Tour is ‘fairness’.

All athletes behave fairly towards the other participants … It can be disqualified by the race management who violates the rules, does not obey the orders of the race management, who does not wear a helmet, who makes an early start, who starts in the wrong starting block, who behaves unsportsmanlike or who obstructs or endangers other participants.

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