Age group (birth year)


Minis (m/w)

2012 and younger

A stage at the Swiss Skate Tour for Minis consists of small races with a short duration, usually on a separate route or a part of the Long Distance route. The Minis should have fun, and the weaker participants may also be accompanied by their parents. The duration of the race depends on the venue. The races are not to exceed a duration of 10 minutes. In 2017, the Minis category also counts for the club ratings.

Kids (m/w)

2008 to 2011

A stage at the Swiss Skate Tour for Kids consists of small races with a short duration, usually on a separate route or a part of the Long Distance route. The duration of the race depends on the venue. The races are not to exceed a duration of 20 minutes.

Juniors (m/w)

2004 to 2007

A stage at the Swiss Skate Tour for Juniors consists of races that are mostly conducted on the same routes as the Long Distance races. The duration of the race depends on the venue. The winning time for these races is not to exceed 1:15.

Sprint (m/w)

2007 and older

As an attraction at the individual stages, the sprints should make for an additional spectacle. The sprints are completed in an elimination mode (heat, semi-final, final), and men and women compete separately. The top two participants of a run qualify for the next round.

Short Distance (m/w)

2005 and older

The short distances are held in a mass start.

Half Marathon (m/w)

2005 and older

Races on the Half Marathon course are ridden over 21 km. Depending on the venue, intermediate sprints may be considered.

Marathon (m/w)

2005 and older

Races on the Marathon course are ridden over 42 km. Depending on the venue, intermediate sprints may be considered.

Fun & Enjoy


The category Fun & Enjoy is for everybody who just wants to enjoy skating on the closed course without the racing factor.

During the event, the skater can choose whether to skate a shorter or a longer distance. Only the maximum time window must be observed. There is no timing chip and no ranking, but rather an alphabetical list with participants. No prizes are given in this category and no points are distributed for the annual rankings.


In case of withdrawal from the registration (non-start) the entry fee will only be refunded if the participant has taken out the cancellation insurance. Otherwise there is no right to a refund of the entry fee.

A high start (starting one category higher) must be approved by the Swiss Skate Tour and is only possible in exceptional cases.

In principle, athletes are allowed to participate in more than one category per day, but only the result of the shorter distance (adults) will count towards the overall ranking. For juniors, only the result of the corresponding junior category will be counted.

Participation in sprint races results in 10 points for the tour and club rating. The top three in the sprints are credited with an additional 10, 5, and 3 points for their tour and club rating. Please note that there is a maximum of participants at sprint competitions. It applies to the order of registration.

Entry fees

Entry fees will be raised gradually. Early registration is worthwhile! 

In case of withdrawal from the registration (non-start) the entry fee will only be refunded if the participant has taken out the cancellation insurance. Otherwise there is no right to a refund of the entry fee.


Online registration

For all races, we recommend online registration at In any case, registration is possible online up to 24 hours before the start of the first race (for details, refer to individual stages). Participants who register at least a week before the race will receive a personalized start number. After the online registration, late registration is still possible on-site (up to an hour before the start of the relevant category).

A registration is only valid once the payment has been made. Only valid applications are considered when start numbers are being prepared.

Registration with e-banking/PostFinance/payment by post

In recent years, we have had an increasing number of participants who have failed to pay the entry fee after signing up or have paid too little. For this reason, the online registration is only possible with online payment as a matter of principle. If someone has no means of paying online, they may send an email to with their login information. That person will then receive a reply with payment information. Registration via e-banking is only possible until 7 days before the race.

Late registration on-site

A late registration up to 60 minutes before the start of the corresponding category is possible on-site with a late registration fee.

To avoid stressful situations, we recommend early arrival and an online application. The organizer reserves the right to allow only a limited number of applications.

Changes in registration

In principle, re-registering for another category is possible. For each change in registration, an application fee of CHF 5.- will be charged. If the change in registration is from a more expensive category to a cheaper one, no part of the entry fee will be refunded. If the change in registration is from a cheaper category to a more expensive one, the difference in starting fee at the time of registration plus the CHF 5.- application fee must be paid. On-site changes in registration will be charged with the additional late entry fee.

Transfer of registration/start number

Transferring a registration/start number is not possible and will result in disqualification.

Overall ranking

At the Swiss Skate tour, there is an overall ranking for all categories; men and women are ranked separately.

In addition, there is a total score over all the age categories (30+, 40+, 50+, 60+) whereby no prizes are distributed in the age categories.

The categories Mini, Kids, and Juniors receive an extra overall ranking.

The basis for awarding points is a total pool of 50,000, 35,000, or 30,000 points per race. The winner receives 2% of this pool (1,000, 700, or 600 points). The remaining places receive 2% from the remaining pool. The winner of the men’s main category receives 1000 points, and the winner of the women’s main category receives 700 points. The winners of all other categories will receive 600 points. These points are directly included in the club rankings without the factor. The complete point tables are located in appendix A of this PDF.


1000 points are assigned

700 points are assigned

600 points are assigned






























In all categories, the 3 best results of the race are counted towards the overall ranking (1 bad result may be discounted). Whoever has the most points from these runs is the winner of the Swiss Skate Tour. In case of a tie, the better ranking (higher score) is determined at the closing ceremony.

Overall ranking, singles




Juniors, Kids, Minis, age categories




material prize




material prize




material prize










900 CHF

500 CHF



Overall ranking, club

For a club (society or interest group), any number of participants (in teams or individually) can begin at the start in order to be recorded in the club evaluation. A participant can only be included in one club. Changing clubs during the season is not possible.

The name of the club should be given during a participant’s registration. Enrolling a club is free.



The local OKs act as organizers of the stages. They are responsible for the entire organization of the event according to the specifications of the Swiss Skate Tour.

Program and schedules

The schedules are different for each venue! Detailed programs are published on our website. Schedules may be changed anytime on site. Please note the relevant information and arrive early.

In order to observe the somewhat tight schedules, a maximum race duration will be defined at each stage. The slower participants who cannot complete the race within the defined time will be informed upon reaching the finish line.

They must then leave the course, and they will be assessed according to the number of laps completed. At some stages, a car will pick up slower participants. The time windows can be found on the website of the respective event.

Starting line-up

In all events, the starting line-up consists of blocks. The basis of classification in these blocks is a reference time at an event from the past 3 years.

The reference time must be given on the application with a result that is available on the web. If no reproducible result is given, the classification is done by the OK of the Swiss Skate Tour.

If a participant has the feeling that they were classified in the wrong block and would like to start one block forward, they can purchase an upgrade in a higher starting block for a price of 20.- at the location where start numbers are given. Please note that starting in a false start block will lead to disqualification!

Technical meeting

There are no technical meetings at the stages of the Swiss Skate Tour. In any case, the final important information will be given at the starting line 5 minutes before the start of a race.

In general, information is listed on the website, and participants can inform themselves there.

Team tents, village

Depending on the venue, teams and clubs may have the opportunity to set up their own tents. The instructions of individual organizers are to be strictly followed.


The most important rule at the Swiss Skate Tour is called “fairness.” All athletes behave fairly towards the other participants, the environment (don’t litter), the OK, and the spectators.

The OK of the Swiss Skate Tour decides with the local OK president how to respond to incoming disputes.

In any case, the instructions of these individuals are to be strictly followed. Disputes must be reported up to 15 minutes after the time measurement rankings are published, and a dispute fee of CHF 50.- must be paid. The dispute fee is refunded only if the dispute is possible to fulfill. Anyone who violates the rules, fails to follow the instructions of the race management, disobeys the helmet requirement, commits a false start, starts in the wrong starting block, shows unsportsmanlike behavior, or obstructs or endangers other participants may be disqualified by the race management.

All inline skates are allowed at the Swiss Skate Tour 2019 up to a maximum wheel diameter of 125 mm.

Men and women generally start together at the Swiss Skate Tour. Women are allowed to draft (ride behind men)! Pulling or pushing is forbidden!


Time is measured with active transponder chips in all races at the Swiss Skate Tour. These chips must be returned immediately after crossing the finish line. Chips that are not returned will be charged with a 70.- fee.

Start number

Start numbers must be worn in accordance with the instructions of local OKs. As a rule, the number should be worn on the thigh. The side it is worn on (left/right) appears at the finish line according to the position of the target film camera. The information of local OKs must be followed.

Protective equipment

Helmets are mandatory at all events. Wearing other protective equipment (for knees, elbows, hands) is recommended. For the categories Minis and Kids, wearing protective equipment (for knees, elbows, hands) is mandatory.

Material prizes/prize money

All material prizes or prize money can be personally claimed during the award ceremony. They are not transferred or forwarded to agents. Prizes that are not claimed at the award ceremony will expire.

Conditions of participation

The organizer refuses all liabilities. All participants compete in the race on their own responsibility and must be privately insured against accidents. The organizer, the organization, and the sponsors refuse any liability for participants.

By registering, I acknowledge the announcement and the legal disclaimer of the organizer regarding damages of any kind. I will not make claims against the organizer, the sponsors of the event, or their representatives for damages or injuries of any kind that may arise due to my participation. I state that I have trained sufficiently to participate in this competition and that I am physically healthy. I agree that the data specified in my registration may be used for the purpose of this event and that the results will be published on the internet. I affirm the accuracy of the statements I have made. Notice according to the Data Protection Act: your data will be automatically stored!

Photo and video rights

All photo and video rights belong to the organizer. By registering for a stage at the Swiss Skate Tour, the participant surrenders all photo and video rights to the organizer. The organizer has the right to use photos and videos without restrictions or costs for his/her own purposes and those of the event sponsors.

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